We have just moved to Dubai & my 2,5 year old son has just joined a British nursery.

I have a few things which are not clear to me:

1) my son will turn 4 in Feb 2018….. What does that mean in terms of his start date at Primary School?
2) when would I have to start his admission process for Primary School?
3) I am eligible to get a compensation for the fees (from employer) starting KG1…. However, no one so far could tell me if that is part of Nursery, Primary School or what….? I heard FS1, is that the same as KG1?


Mansoor Default Asked on November 28, 2016 in Admissions.
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Hi Mansoor,

Thanks for your query.  Please see the below information.

1.The Academic year starts here in September for the British and other International curricula, and in April for the Indian Curriculum.  Assuming that your son will attend a British or international curriculum school, he would be able to join FS1 (in the British system) in September 2017 (at the age of 3), or FS2/KG1 in September 2018 in either a British or International curriculum school.  Children entering the UK curriculum tend to start earlier, but you are not obliged to send them at 3+.

2. Depending on whether you choose to have him admitted in September 2017, you would need to seek a place for September 2017 now (most schools arrange assessments early in the new year and offer places around March/April). For entry in 2018, you would need to apply in the Winter term of 2017.

3. There is no hard and fast rule around employee allowances in relation to education – this is something you would need to confirm with your HR Department.  Generally, since the norm is for children to start school at age 4, companies differ as to whether they pay fees for FS1.  FS1 in a Primary School is definitely considered full time schooling and not nursery, but not all employers view it in that way.  FS1 is equivalent to pre-KG (which most schools here do not offer). KG1 is equivalent to FS2.

Hope that this information helps.

WhichSchoolAdvisor Head of Department Answered on November 28, 2016.
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