Can the KHDA help us in a complaint against the school ?

This type of question might not have been asked before, but I really need help. Me and the school management (Principal and Vice-Principal) have got into a dispute which has led to my rustication from school. The reason that I was given was one where I was falsely accused. My mother and I went to the school to look at the matter, but the school authorities would hear none of it, when my mom made it clear to them that I wasn’t at fault originally, they called a classmate of mine who was a witness to what happened, When he started to speak in support of me (THE TRUTH), the school authorities tried to manipulate him, but he firmly stood his ground and said that I was certainly not wrong. After this happened, the school avoided calling the second witness (probably because they knew that it wouldn’t be good for them if even the second witness testifies against them). But despite all this, the Principal and the Vice-principal said that they wouldn’t accept me back into the school and they were rather rude and unfriendly (being academicians) to which even my mom said ”How can they talk to a parent like that”. It’s not easy for her to come to the school everyday and talk to them. She’s a working mom, she’s already missed 2 days of work. But we refuse to give up, I am dead against injustice, I am ready to go to a further extent to prove my innocence. Even whether I was right or not, you can’t ‘RUSTICATE’ a child for just one incident.

Please tell me what I can do, can I approach the KHDA for help, I need to do this, I would greatly appreciate your help in this matter.

Thank You

Ashwath Param

….. International School
Grade XI

Ashwath Default Asked on October 4, 2016 in General.
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HI Ashwath,

There is a very clear process set out in the Parent School contract which your parents and you should have signed.  I would advise you to obtain a copy of this as soon as possible. – this page shows which schools are using the contract but this should now be all schools in Dubai.  This link will show you a sample and will explain the procedure to you:!/infoDup%5B0%5D/uploadInfo/fileUpload/infoFile/Contract.pdf
If you are not able to resolve the dispute in line with the contract, you can contact the KHDA Customer Service Centre directly for their advice.
I hope you are able to resolve your problems.

WhichSchoolAdvisor Head of Department Answered on October 10, 2016.
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