Is a debenture a guarantee of a Dubai school place?

My husband’s company has a corporate debenture for a popular school in Dubai.  Does this debenture guarantee my child a school place?

Siobhan Farrell Default Asked on August 4, 2014 in Admissions.
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A number of UAE schools/school groups have arrangements with major international companies which give priority to children of employees. In most cases, the company will have “invested in” or “bought” a limited number of seats within the school/school group or even year group/grade, in an effort to ensure priority. However, even with this arrangement, the company is not always guaranteed a place – if the school is full, the debenture/corporate seat may push the child’s application further up the waiting list, but it does not guarantee a place.

There are exceptions to this rule – a guaranteed seat irrespective of waiting list – but this usually applies only where multiple seats have been purchased and this is not a cheap investment. Only where there are specific ‘debenture’ arrangements, is the payment refundable to the company when the child leaves the school.

Check with your employer to ensure that there is no access to this type of arrangement before making multiple applications.

Default Answered on May 3, 2015.
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