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Hello, I’m writing this message as I have a few dilemmas about nurseries and future school enrollment.

My daughter was born 12. 12.2015, so she going to be 2 next month. She didn’t attend any nursery so far but I’m planning to find one for her from the beginning of next year. We are living in jvc so anything close by would be great, don’t want her to spend ages going there and coming back home. I am very tempted by Ladybird nursery, here in jvc, although it is very pricey. Any opinions about it? Any other similar nuseries around here?

Also, I’m thinking about future school enrollment. Many people scared me that it’s already late for me looking for schools, as the waiting lists are very long and she might not get in a good school. Is this true? Do any school offered secure slots for kids who ate ted certain nurseries?

We are European(Swedish and Romanian) so in the future we plan to go back to Sweden. I’m looking for schools that follow a similar curriculum so it would be easier for her when we decide to move. The only criteria’s I have is for the school to be khda approved and again maybe somewhere close to where we live.
Sorry for such a long message but I’m completely lost trying to figure this whole thing out.

Thanks for any info and help

Andreeaeriksson Default Asked on November 21, 2017 in General.
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HI Andreaa,

Thanks for your message.  Firstly, please do not worry about finding a school place for your daughter.  In the area surrounding your location, including JVC, JVT, Meadows, Springs and Jumeirah Park, there are numerous options in terms of both schools and nurseries.   Ladybird is a long-established nursery, but Sunmarke School also has a Nursery section attached to it.  There are also several nurseries around the Springs/Meadows areas.  Both Sunmarke and Arcadia Schools are in JVT, so a close location.

There are also several schools in the Motor City and Victory Heights areas that would possibly be an option.  The vast majority are UK curriculum.   Many of the newer schools are offering Founders’ fees  or reductions to attract families as the schools grow and these are worth considering.  You will find that although finding a school place in FS1 can be a little more difficult at the most established schools, with the wealth of schools in your area, this should not be an issue.

In terms of curriculum choice, I understand that the Swedish curriculum follows a pedagogy in pre-School that is similar to the Reggio Emilia approach.  Although I am not aware of any nurseries in the area that offer this curriculum, the UK curriculum EYFS approach of learning through play takes many of its influences from Reggio Emilia and, given also that most of the schools in the area in which you live are UK curriculum, this is probably the best option.

The other alternative would be to consider an IB curriculum school (both Dubai International Academy and Emirates International School Meadows follow this), but fees are higher and they probably will be more of a challenge.  Do also check out the new Amity Early Learning Centre in the Meadows and Dubai British Foundation which is a specialist FS environment.

There is no direct comparison to the Swedish system, but it is probably not until Secondary school that this would be a concern.  I believe also that there are educational reforms taking place in Sweden which may well impact the curriculum in future years.  Establishing a solid base of learning for your daughter at this stage is probably more important than the curriculum.

In the UK curriculum, children are able to start school in the September by which they have turned 3,   Recent changes in the KHDA rules mean that UK curriculum schools can offer FS1 to children aged as young as 2 years and 8 months (and your daughter falls within that category for next September), but since this is not in line with schools in the UK, the majority seem to be adhering to the 3 year rule.  It would be worthwhile checking with schools locally as to what age cut-off they are applying for next September, but my expectation is that your daughter will have until September 2019 before she would start school.

You can find out more details of schools within your area and surroundings, by using the search function on the Home page.

WhichSchoolAdvisor Head of Department Answered on November 20, 2017.

Thank you for the answer. You mentioned Arcadia from jvt. I did look at it but I couldn’t find any information about khda and this particular school. I’m asking because we can use my husbands insurance to pay for school. But It has to be khda approved. Am I missing something regarding Arcadia?

on November 20, 2017.

Yes, Arcadia is KHDA approved. For schools to be operational in Dubai, they would have to have received this.

on November 23, 2017.
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