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I am looking for my child to enroll in year-2 for 2018-2019 in any British curriculum . Currently we are living in Ajman & my child is attending Habitat school in Ajman. He is in Garde # 1 in CBSC curriculum. From 2018 we are shifting to Dubai want to change from CBSC to British curriculum . but  i am surprised according to British curriculum my child age is more by 7 month & 14 days almost . his date of birth is 17-April -2017. but i read on many schools website to take admission in grade-2 in British curriculum his year of birth must be 2012. i tried many school website to apply online but age is coming not valid .. according to some website it must between 6-7 year as on 31 -12-2018 but my child age will be on 31-DEC-2018 will be 7 year -8 month -14 days. but its normal for any CBSC school ….
Is there this age cut is strict or any relaxation in this…. please anybody ca advice me any solution for this…..??

shahzad1980 Default Asked on December 11, 2017 in Admissions.
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HI Shazhad,

I think perhaps that the difference in grading structure and academic year between the Indian and UK curriculum is causing some confusion.  His current school grade (1) in the Indian curriculum is the equivalent of year 2 in the UK curriculum which follows a 13 year structure instead of the Indian 12 grade structure.   I assume that he was born in 2011 – you mention 2017 in your message.  If he were to remain in the Indian curriculum, I assume he would be joining grade 2 in April next year (the equivalent of year 3).

The academic year in the UK curriculum starts in September.  Since your son is already in grade 1, he will be issued with a transfer certificate when he leaves his current school and this will determine which year group he joins.  If he leaves before April (and completion of the academic year) he will remain in Grade 1/year 2).  If he joins a UK curriculum school after April, he may join the equivalent grade in the UK curriculum (Year 3) but this may be based on an assessment by the school as to whether he is at the correct academic level.

I would advise you to go ahead and apply for the age-appropriate year group, depending on the timing of your move.  The age cut-off is not strictly applied when a transfer certificate has been issued for Grade 1 and above.

WhichSchoolAdvisor Head of Department Answered on December 11, 2017.
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