Which all nursery in Dubai provide FS1

Hi we are planning to enroll our 3.8yrs son to a uk based nursery which also provide FS1 as we will be enrolling him to 2nd term for fs1..appreciate if some one would recommend best and affordable place for my kid we live in international city

sayedarif Default Asked on November 5, 2015 in Which School.
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Hi Sayed,

Nurseries are no longer able to offer FS1 by name as this is associated with UK curriculum Primary schools.  However many nurseries do offer the Early Years programme which is essentially the same thing.   There are numerous nurseries around the International City/Mirdiff area – we would advise that you look for one that offers the Early Years programme.   Don’t delay, though, in applying for an FS2 place for September as these are still in high demand at most Primary Schools.  You may also find it worthwhile to check whether schools you are interested in currently have an FS1 place and put your son directly into this instead.

WhichSchoolAdvisor Head of Department Answered on November 12, 2015.
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