Are KHDA Outstanding Schools the best schools in Dubai?

Default Asked on May 17, 2014 in Inspection Reports.
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The DSIB, the inspections arm of the KHDA, has a number of criteria it uses to rate schools in Dubai. These include:

How good are the students’ attainment and progress in key subjects? Key subjects focus on Maths, Science, English, Arabic and Islamic studies.
How good is the students’ personal and social development?
How good is the teaching, learning and assessment methods?
How well does the curriculum meet the educational needs of all students?
How well does the school protect and support its students?
How good are the leadership and management of the school?
How well does the school perform overall?

These criteria are to a large part bench marked on UK OFSTED reports, but adapted to the UAE, its culture, religion and language.

The rankings in these reports are based on a set of criteria that you may, or may not, be in alignment with. in its reviews, which references the KHDA reports heavily – they are very good – tends to soften the Arabic and Islamic Studies focus – not because these are not important, but because we believe the majority of those reading our reviews will have one eye on this country, and another on the next country they live in – such is expatriate life.

As a result, we focus on the transferable – Maths, English, Science, academic results, and where we can the softer skills that build a complete human being.

To answer your question then, yes they are likely to be some of the best schools in Dubai, but unless your value system is in complete alignment with the KHDA’s, they are probably not the only schools in Dubai that YOU would rate highly.

Default Answered on May 3, 2015.
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