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My daughter is in Grade 10 CBSE in Dubai. She wants to specialise in English as her further studies.
Plz help me with the affordable schools/ colleges in Dubai/ Shj which will help her to persue her dream. Also let me know which schools here have Arts as a stream after 10th?
Kindly help. M totally confused. Any help will be highly appreciated.

Rubina Default Asked on March 27, 2018 in Which School.
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Dear Rubi,

The options appear to be very limited.  Of the Indian curriculum schools in Dubai, the majority seem to focus on only Commerce or Science streams.  I have found that the Indian High School offers an Arts stream, and Delhi Private School a Humanities stream that includes English, Psychology, History, Sociology and Political Science.  The other option appears to be JSS International, which offers an Arts stream as part of its ISCE curriculum.

My advice would be to look at the list of schools that are this page – and to check their websites to see whether they can help.  You will also find their fees on their review pages.  Alternatively, you can search all CBSE curriculum schools by budget to narrow down your options further – and ISCE here –

I am sorry I cannot provide you with more detailed information, but I hope this will act as a starting point for your research.

WhichSchoolAdvisor Head of Department Answered on March 27, 2018.
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My son is also into art, but only he is interested in working with video. In simple words, design/editing. He is still in my 6th grade, but he has already started to work with video. To begin with, I taught him to record video from the screen and from other programs such as Skype, discord and others using . Then I taught him how to trim videos, convert to other formats, and compress videos. Next we went to staple different videos, add music, and now we are learning different effects in Sony Vegas.

Lonevej Default Answered on February 10, 2022.
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