Can I switch to British after finishing 10th in CBSE?

I have recently finished 10th in CBSE and now want to leave the school… Can you tell me whether I can switch to a British curriculum school?

Sana1001 Default Asked on April 5, 2016 in Curriculum.
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Dear Sana,

You don’t mention where in the UAE you are studying.   Generally, you would not be able to join a British curriculum school at this point in the academic year.  British curriculum schools will be starting their final term this coming week and you would not be able to join 2/3 through the academic year.  If you want to transfer, this would need to happen in September.

Please also be aware that there may be issues related to your age and current grade in the Indian curriculum.  Grade 11 is the equivalent of year 12 in the UK curriculum and you would be required to join this year in order to be able to start the two year GCE A Level course in September.  You will effectively repeat a term.

There are also issues with the equivalence between the Indian curriculum and UK curriculum schools which seems to be accepted in Dubai, but may be more of a challenge in other Emirates.  We would advise you to contact the schools to which you are interested in applying and find out from them what the entry requirements would be.  The style of learning in the UK curriculum is very different to the Indian and you would need to be aware of the demands in relation to a more independent approach to learning.  At this stage, this is likely to be the main challenge.

WhichSchoolAdvisor Head of Department Answered on April 7, 2016.
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