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In your experience, will a child be able to cope up with CBSE board in India after studying in IB board in Dubai?

supriyaK Default Asked on January 2, 2019 in Curriculum.
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Hi Supriya,

To some extent, this will be determined by the age of your daughter when she returns to the CBSE curriculum.  There is no doubt that the approaches to teaching are different, with the IB curriculum more independent research and enquiry-based and with limited use of textbook learning.  However, this means that she should have the independent learning and study skills to be able to transfer to the CBSE, although she may not find the more structured approach as interesting.  Some children do find the cross-curriculum approach of the IB more challenging as studies tend to be more topic-based.

Having said this, there are now a number of private schools in India offering the IB curriculum.   We would advise you to find out more about both curricula – this recent article explains the difference in approach between CBSE and ICSE –, whilst you can find out more about the IB curriculum here –  Although your daughter would be joining the PYP curriculum, her Secondary curriculum leading to her final years of school would be the MYP and this is the best for comparison purposes. Although this article notes that there is no public examination at 16 (compared with GCSE in the UK curriculum or the Grade X exams in the Indian system), this is no longer the case with the IBO having introduced the MYP Certificate for students in Grade 10 which focuses on Maths, English and Science subjects.

WhichSchoolAdvisor Head of Department Answered on January 2, 2019.
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