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I have a son of grade 10 in Indian CBSE board school.  They have  finished their first term and I am trying to change to British curriculum since he is going to study in UAE.  The school has said they need 3 years report card and transfer certificate and also his history certificate. They will need to send to the Ministry for approval.  Is there a lower chance of getting it rejected?

Mansoor_101 Default Asked on August 19, 2020 in Curriculum.
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Hi Mansoor,

You do not mention in which Emirate you are planning to educate your son.  If Dubai, this would not be such a problem as it is left to the school to determine whether a student is capable of transferring for the final years of school.  There are two issues with your plan.

Firstly, if your son joins a UK curriculum school in September, he will not be able to join Grade 10/Year 11, as this is part way through the two year I/GCSE programme.  He would need to repeat Grade 9/Year 10 in order to be able to start these external exams – which are equivalent to the Grade X CBSE qualification.

Secondly, all  Emirates, others than Dubai, do not permit curriculum change after Grade 8 in order to avoid this exact problem. Students are expected to do all four years of high school education in the same curriculum.

Our advice would be transfer your son to Semester 2 at a CBSE curriculum school in Grade 10. If you are in Dubai, and still wish to consider British curriculum, this would potentially be possible once he has completed Grade 10 and the first term of Grade 11 – he would then join in September 2021 in Grade 11/Year 12.  Your son would effectively lose one year if you go this route.

WhichSchoolAdvisor Head of Department Answered on August 19, 2020.
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