DAA vs GEMs World Academy

We are moving to Dubai from Canada my children have gone through the assessment and  have being accepted in DAA and GEMS World Academy both IB program. As per the rating DAA is consider outstanding whereas GEMS World Academy as good. My children really find World Academy a very welcoming schools and found the teachers and the staff very friendly and understanding compare to DAA.

Now if i go with the ratings DAA should be the school but if i go with my and my children instinct World Academy.

Can you please give us your advice also which schools and how important are the ratings for consideration?

Fareed Default Asked on March 16, 2015 in Which School.
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Dear Fareed,

Congratulations on your move and your good fortune at having been offered places at 2 of the best schools in Dubai. My advice would be yes, by all means consider the ratings, but also consider the detail behind them and your own instinct. If you have not done so, please do look at the detail of the KHDA ratings – you can find all the school reports on the KHDA website –http://www.khda.gov.ae – inspection reports. It is the detail of why one is rated outstanding and the other good which matters as you will then be in a better position to judge whether these differences really make a difference to the education that your children will receive.

You don’t mention your children’s ages – DAA only offers IB in grades 11 and 12, so if they are younger than this, they will actually be following the US curriculum. Does this matter to you? You may find that your children will manage the IB Diploma better if they have already studied the MYP, since the philosophy and methodology for MYP and IDP are essentially the same.

Ultimately, if you feel that both schools are able to offer the education and environment you are seeking, I would go with your and your children’s instincts. I am sure they will do well at whichever of the two schools you select.

Default Answered on May 2, 2015.
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