What questions should I ask when visiting a school?

I am visiting a number of schools during my visit to Dubai. What should I look for and what questions should I ask?

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Is it an evening visit or during school time?

The best way to get an accurate impression of the school ‘at work’ is to visit during school hours, and a good school should be more than happy to show a prospective parent around the facilities. If they aren’t, you question whether they are proud of their school and students, or are more interested in impressing parents out of hours?

Simple observations and questions that can lead to good insight:

– Are the children smart, personable and presentable?
A school that adheres to a dress code or strict uniform, as well as neatness and politeness among students is a school that will be equally as conscientious in its teaching standards.

– Is the school well maintained?
Private schools can sometimes mask their shortfalls behind state of the art facilities and a contemporary building design and it’s often the less flashy, established schools that are the most respected within the education arena. Nevertheless you should always be looking for a tidy, clean and well-maintained school that focuses its efforts and its funds on the education of the pupils rather than the latest gadgets and gizmos or modern interior design.

– Do head teachers know the students’ names?
The dynamics of a school can very much depend on how it is run, and whether the senior teaching staff show an interest in the children as individuals. Ask yourself; does the head teacher interact with the students and, particularly in primary schools, address the children by name, when walking about the school?

– What does your child think?
Children are pretty instinctive creatures, so if your child likes the school, feels comfortable and happy during the visit, then it probably is the right one for them. While you shouldn’t allow your child to have the casting vote, take their opinions and feelings into account before making your decision.

Remember – your gut instinct is usually correct, so if you feel comfortable with the school, trust your intuition and go for it.

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