IB(PYP) curriculum or British Curriculum


Ive been reading about the IB(PYP) curriculum and found it quite interesting. However I’m wondering if it’s going to be too much for my son to handle.

Is the IB curriculum much higher and harder than that of the British curriculum?

Which one would you recommend for a preschooler?

Appreciate your help


KB Default Asked on October 21, 2015 in Curriculum.
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Hi KB,

At your son’s age, it probably does not greatly matter.  Both are built around “learning through play” initially and many UK curriculum schools are moving towards the IB “Unit of Enquiry” approach, whereby topics are based around a question being set that allows children to research and explore a range of different subjects and skills.  The historical approach of teaching each subject individually is changing fast.

The key differences currently are more related to how progress is monitored and the forms of assessment used.  In UK curriculum schools, standard assessment tests have long been the norm.  This is not the case necessarily in IB schools (though some do use MAPS testing which is more common in US schools).  Parents who are used to the UK system of public exams in Secondary at both 16 and 18 years, are sometimes a little less comfortable with the IB programme, where public exams only occur at 18 when students take the IB Diploma.

There are far more UK curriculum schools in Dubai than IB, so getting a place in an IB school may be a greater challenge.  In many ways, I would suggest that it is best to consider where you expect your son to be at the end of Primary School.  If you are likely to relocate over the next few years, this may impact your decision, especially if you are likely to go to the UK or other country where the national curricula are based on the UK.  IB is probably the most portable and truly international curriculum.  Again, why not visit a few of the schools and see how they function for yourself – it’s never too early..

WhichSchoolAdvisor Head of Department Answered on October 22, 2015.
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