Moving from FS1 to KG1 or later to Indian Curriculum

Hi, My daughter’s DOB is 15 Sep 2012. On phone enquiry , I have been asked to go ahead and apply for UK curriculum FS1 for the 2015-16 academic year , by a reputed school. However, I have noticed on line reports of KHDA cut off date as 31st Aug and conflicting date of 31st Dec. Can somebody please clarify for the same. Secondly, is it possible to move from UK curriculum to Indian curriculum at primary / secondary stage ? I will be more keen to know about how can the child cope in change of syllabus and if there is any inherent benefit in doing so.

Many Thanks in advance.

harshasripada Default Asked on April 19, 2015 in Admissions.
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Dear Harshasripada,

Since your daughter will not turn 4 until 15th September, she is two weeks too young to be registered for FS2. Had her birthday fallen before 1st September, she would have been able to join FS2 which is the equivalent of KG1 in the 12 grade Indian system. However, she would also not have been able to join KG1 in April as she will not be 4 years old by 31st July, which is the cut off date for the Indian curriculum.

It is possible to move from the UK to the Indian curriculum, but because of the difference in academic year (September for the UK curriculum and end of April for the Indian curriculum), children generally end up repeating half a school year. So if you move your daughter to an Indian curriculum school in year 2 (UK) which is grade 1 (Indian) in the April, because your daughter will not have completed year 2 in the UK curriculum, she will need to start over the equivalent (grade 1) in the Indian school.

In terms of making such a change, you will find that the style of teaching in Indian schools is probably more formal and less cross-curricular and that the demand for cursive hand-writing is still very strong. This may make the transition more difficult and I would suggest that if you do wish to change, you do so earlier rather than later in your daughter’s schooling. Whether you choose to do so is also somewhat dependent on your future plans. If you expect your daughter to return to study in India, it probably makes sense for her to attend an Indian curriculum school.

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