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Hi.. we live in Nahda, Dubai and my son is due for school in September 2017. We werent really sure whether we should put him into a school or a nursery, so we havent actually started school-huntning. Now since we have, I was looking at Capital School Dubai (which is mighty close to where we live), Dubai Scholars, Scholars International Academy Sharjah, GEMS Founders School (though its quite far off, been hearing good things about the school).

Can someone shed some perspective on these schools or suggest better alternatives? Where admissions might still be open

raxas Default Asked on May 10, 2017 in Which School.
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Hi Raxas,

Have you checked the reviews for these schools on and on  Certainly, Dubai Scholars and Scholars Academy (which are part of the same group) are very well reputed.  Capital School was set up by the former Head of the English College Primary School in Jumeirah when that school closed and has also been very popular based on feedback we have received.

GEMS Founders is a new school, very large and popular because of the facilities, price-point and location for families living in the New Dubai area.  I believe that GEMS Founders would not be an option as GEMS do not usually transport FS1 children on busses.  Given that there are a range of schools close to your home, I would focus on these.

My advice would be that you contact each of the schools firstly to see if they have places available – this is likely to be the most difficult aspect.  I would also strongly suggest that you visit the schools yourself to get your own sense of how they compare.

Ultimately, you may have no choice but to look at a nursery place for September, as it is late to be applying for school, but you should then have time to visit the schools and to form an opinion on which would suit your child best.

WhichSchoolAdvisor Head of Department Answered on May 11, 2017.
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