We are planning to move to Vietnam by the next academic yr from Hk. Currently my son is in Form 4 IGSCE curriculum that is year 10 and studies In Yhkcc Hk. In order to book an admission for the next year 11 will he be able to get admitted to IGCSE schools? We r a bit confused with the current overall which says 2 years of Igcse

Flora serrao

Flora Default Asked on December 6, 2018 in Admissions.
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HI Flora,

Thank you for your question.  As I understand your message, your son is currently in the first part of the two year IGCSE O Level exam programme – I hope this is correct – and year 11 would be the second year of the programme.  We are not able to give you a definitive answer on your question because of the nature of the IGCSE.  Usually, students are not admitted to the second year, as in order to take the exams at the end of the two year programme, they would need to be following the exact same subjects and be sitting the exact same examinations.  Schools do vary in terms of the courses they offer and there is also more than one IGCSE Exam Board.  We can therefore only advise you to contact the schools in Vietnam that are of interest to you and seek their guidance.  Worst case, if the subjects and exams are not compatible, your son would need to repeat Year 10.

This link provides you with details of IGCSE schools in Vietnam, which we hope will assist you –https://whichschooladvisor.com/vietnam/school-curricula/igcse.

WhichSchoolAdvisor Head of Department Answered on December 6, 2018.
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