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My daughter is born on 29th September 2015 ..I would like to enroll mu daughter for O level … my question is some schools in Dubai follow the cutoff as per KHDA and some schools  follow the UK system which is 31st august … can you please advise which year would my daughter get enrolled for 2019-2020 .. will it be FS 1 or FS 2 ??


rohiniparalkar Default Asked on October 8, 2018 in Admissions.
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Thank you for your question.

I am afraid that this will be entirely dependent on the school you choose for your daughter.  Many of the traditional UK curriculum schools – those that have strong ties to the UK and tend to have a higher proportion of UK passport holders – are sticking with the UK cut-off date of 31st August.   This is because they expect many of the children attending the school to return to the UK for education at some point and wish to ensure that they retain the UK deadlines and age requirements.  In this case, since your daughter would not yet have turned 4 on 31st August, would enrol her in FS1.

Other UK curriculum schools, who do not have quite the same ties to the UK, will apply the KHDA deadline of 31st December.  Since your daughter will have turned 4 by that date, she would be admitted into FS2.  It is possible, if you feel it appropriate, to request a “demotion” for your daughter, whereby the school would apply to the KHDA for approval for her to join FS1,  However, not all schools are prepared to make such an application, and if you do go this route, it cannot be changed subsequently.

There is a lot of evidence to suggest that children who are older within their peer group do settle into school more quickly and are academically more successful, so this would suggest that FS1 is the better choice.  However, if you feel that your daughter is likely to mix and settle better with children who are older than her, then placing her in FS2 may be the right option.

WhichSchoolAdvisor Head of Department Answered on October 8, 2018.
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