Double benefits? Not honouring Contract? Please help

I am working in Dubai, my wife in Abu Dhabi.

My employer pays 70% for the first child, 30% for the second and 0% for the third in Dubai according to my contract.

My wife’s contract says that she is entitled for 2 children’s tuition fee with a lump sum for each.

Her contract reads: “If BOTH parents work in the emirate of ABU DHABI, only the father or the mother can receive tuition fees but not both.

I supplied papers that I am not working in Abu Dhabi but Dubai, but my wife’s employer refuses to pay for the two children who stayed with her. (My third son stayed with me in Dubai and I received allowance from my employer and for him we did not request any allowance from my wife’s employer, who refuses to honour her contract.

Anyone experienced similar situation? Thanks you so much for your kind advice.


Pierre de Levay Default Asked on September 11, 2014 in School Policies.
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Hi Thomas, I’m afraid that this is a question that is beyond the scope of our team at WSA, as this is a contractual issue between you and your employer. Contractual disputes are usually addressed under the Labour Law and via the Ministry of Labour. You can visit them to seek assistance in regard to steps you may be able to take.

Gulf News has a very useful section called Ask the Law. If you send in an email to the editorial team there, they can often help with these kinds of questions. Here is the link – There is a drop down for Ask the Law.

Default Answered on May 2, 2015.
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