My son is September 20 born, how to get admission where age cut-off date is Aug 31

My son is Sep 20, 2018 born and he is extremely smart to start going to school this academic year for FS1 (UK curriculum), however ADEK, Abu dhabi has age cut-off date as 31, August, 2018 for FS1 admission for 2021-22.

Is there any way where we can prove a child’s exceptional skills by means of assessment where ADEK or the concerned authorities can let him join school who is born  just 20days away from the cut-off date for admission to the respective Year//Grade

shil_s Default Asked on June 24, 2021 in Starting Ages.
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The revised cut-off dates (which are actually a return to those of several years ago) will be strictly applied by all schools in the UAE without exception.  Irrespective of assessment etc., there is no flexibility in this regard.  We can only suggest that you place your son in nursery if he does not already attend one, since this will enable him to develop his social and emotional skills to ready him for school.

Good schools will certainly assess your son once he begins school and will ensure that he receives the appropriate academic challenge.  There is plentiful evidence that starting school at a later age has a positive rather than negative impact.  Many countries to do not start formal education until children reach the age of six, including Australia, Germany and most Scandinavian countries.  He will not therefore be disadvantaged by waiting an additional year.

WhichSchoolAdvisor Head of Department Answered on June 24, 2021.
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