School is not ready to provide us bus transportation facilities. We can’t arrange own transport as well.. in that case to whom do we have to contact. Is it actually the school’s responsibility to provide transport? Please need suggestions

School not will to provide transportation stating that the bus for our area is already full. We can’t arrange own transportation. What needs to be done in this case. Please help.

Rajasuganya Default Asked on October 20, 2021 in General.
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Hi Rajasuganya,

It is the parents’ responsibility to arrange transport to and from school. Where a school does not provide transport to your home, you would need to arrange this either by public transport or private (taxi, driver etc.).  One option may be to see whether there are other families at the school who also require or have arranged transport to your area – often parents share such arrangements.  The school or its Parents’ Association may be able to help put you in contact with such parents. Ultimately, if you cannot find a means to bring your child to school, you really have only two options – change the school or change your accommodation.

WhichSchoolAdvisor Head of Department Answered on October 20, 2021.
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