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I would like to know if its a ore-requisite for a kid to complete FS1 before seeking admission in FS2. My Kid is 3 year right now and i am not in favor of sending her to school due to COVID. Will she be eligible to get direct admission in FS2 next year without completing any nursery or FS1 in formal school.

anjali03 Default Asked on September 6, 2020 in Admissions.
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HI Anjali,

There is no requirement to send children to school for FS1/pre-KG.  In fact most UAE schools, aside from the British curriculum (which follows the practice in England), do not offer pre-KG.  Children are also not legally obliged to join school until the academic year in which they are turning 6 years.  However, as it is the norm for British curriculum schools to start education with FS1, many parents feel obliged to do so.  However, it is also quite common for children to stay in nursery for the equivalent of FS1, or to send their child directly to FS2.

The only challenge you may face is that not all schools increase the number of places available for FS2 (assuming that they will have children moving up from FS1 to take these).  You will, therefore, need to reach out to schools to apply for FS2 well in advance.  Most schools will start applications almost immediately they have completed the enrollment processes for the current school year (so probably by the end of September/early October).

WhichSchoolAdvisor Head of Department Answered on September 6, 2020.
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