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i would like to know the best schools in sharjah preferably with cbse curriculum . and also which school provide play school n nursery so the admission to higher classes would be easy.
and also would love to know if there any co-ed schools in sharjah..
hope to hear from you asap.

Thank you

indukedlaya Default Asked on May 24, 2017 in Which School.
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Hi Indukedlaya,

You will find the information about Sharjah schools by using the search function on  You can select the curriculum, location and budget from a range of different criteria. This is located on the top left of the Home page.  Good luck in your research.

WhichSchoolAdvisor Head of Department Answered on May 24, 2017.
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Thank you.. Will check that out

indukedlaya Default Answered on May 26, 2017.
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