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I want to know whether my son can get admission (by transfer) to CBSE schools (KG2) who has completed FS1 (UK curriculum) this June 2014. I learnt that one term is over in the KG2 classes whereas he just started off with the FS2 this September 2014. He is five years by this october-2014. My concern is because of the new age cut off rule as per KHDA for the April admission schools. Please advise me whether I can enroll him to KG2 in the CBSE school without repeating a year or not.


saritha Default Asked on October 14, 2014 in Curriculum.
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Dear Saritha, In theory, if you move him from an international curriculum school to an Indian curriculum school with the different school year, your son would almost certainly need to repeat part of one year; this applies if he joins an Indian school in September, since he will have missed the first term there, or if he joins in April next year when he will not have completed FS2 and therefore not have completed the full school year there. The KHDA rules generally allows for a child to be promoted from one year group/grade to the next, only if he has completed the full school year – irrespective of age/cut off date. There are Transfer deadlines between schools of different curricula that would also potentially impact a move from one curriculum to another – almost certainly, the CBSE deadline would require you transfer your son for next April. It may be possible for the school to assess your son and apply for approval to the KHDA for him to join KG2 if he is felt to be capable and he meets the age criteria, but this is at the discretion of the school.

This is quite a complex issue and I would advise you to contact the CBSE schools that are of interest to you for confirmation of the process and the best timing for a transfer.

Default Answered on May 2, 2015.
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Dear Advisor,

As I understand, if one moves from GCSE/IB to CBSE/ICSE, he has to repeat the class b’se of age cut off, and if he moves from CBSE/ICSE to GCSE/IB will move in next class?

If a child moves GCSE to ICSE and then back in future, he will be a year behind his GCSE school mates?

Is that correct, with new KHDA rules?


Sanjay Default Answered on June 24, 2016.
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