What documents do I need for UAE schools?

What documents are required to transfer to a school in the UAE from outside of the UAE? From another Emirate?

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Required: Residence visa, Birth certificate, Sponsor’s passport and visa copy, Medical records, Transfer certificate (if coming from overseas or another Emirate)

The “Transfer Certificate” confirms the child’s details, school attended, dates attended and last school grade. It must be written on letter headed paper, signed by the School Principal and stamped.

Children coming from USA, Canada, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand do not require attestation of the Transfer Certificate.

For children coming from all other countries, the Transfer Certificate must be translated into Arabic and/or English, attested by the relevant Ministry of Education in the home country and by the UAE Embassy there and then subsequently attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai.

*If there is a problem with providing a residence visa, children may still attend school, but will be classified as an “observer”.

Parents will need to complete a form which is submitted to the Ministry and will pay a “fine” (AED 10 per month), until the residence visa is submitted. Not all schools will accept this arrangement and require the residence visa to be in place before the child commences school.

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The candidate is required to submit the filled in registration form on the web. An affirmation message will be sent on receipt of the registration form to the parent’s email id and registered versatile.  A printed version of the registration form, submitted on the web, alongside every single necessary archive and admission expense of AED 500/ – is required to be submitted to the Registrar and charge counter respectively amid the school’s working hours. The date for an intuitive session with parents and tyke will be imparted by means of SMS and email.
Required Documents
A photocopy of the birth certificate issued by the Municipal Corporation. A photocopy of the student’s legitimate passport, with a substantial residence visa stamp or fresh substantial section allow. A photocopy of Emirates ID. Four late passport size photographs. Transfer certificate properly attested by the Educational Zone. This is required just for admission to Grade 2 and onwards. Students from outside the Emirates of U.A.E. – The Transfer Certificate must be attested by the Ministry of Education in India, Foreign Affairs in India and U.A.E. Embassy or Ministry of Education in India, Indian Embassy in U.A.E. and U.A.E. Remote Affairs.  Students from different Emirates – The Transfer Certificate must be attested by Ministry of Education of that Emirate.  Students from Gulf Countries – The Transfer Certificate must be attested by the Ministry of Education of that nation. Refer website to get more details.

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