What is the best school in Dubai?

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This is an impossible question to answer. The list of Outstanding Schools published by http://www.khda.gov.ae provides details of those schools deemed to be outstanding according to the Annual inspections carried out by the KHDA’s Inspection Bureau, but this alone should not be a sole source of information and it is important to look for reasons why a school has been given its rating.

There are many other good schools in Dubai and to a large extent the question should be “which is the best school in Dubai for my child?” This will depend on the curriculum, size and location of school, school fees, focus of the school (extremely academic or able to meet the needs of less academic children), an older school where it may be harder for a newcomer to assimilate or a new school where all the children will be settling in together etc.

Our advice would be to select the schools based on the curriculum and fees that will suit you and then look at the relevant KHDA reports, the School profiles and Reviews on Whichschooladvisor.com and to listen to the opinions of other parents in relation to the schools that they know. Visit the schools and get a feel for the overall atmosphere and ethos – this is probably the most important thing you can do – and then you will get a sense as to whether this is the best school for your child.

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