What is the role of the Board of Governors at a school?

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The Board of Governors (the ‘Board’) comprises members who represent the school’s owners, parents and teachers who are elected by parents and teachers of the school as well as members of the public who have an interest in education and are appointed by the education authorities. The Board plays an important strategic role in the management of the school, with the ultimate objective of facilitating the school principal and staff in providing the best possible education for all of the pupils. The Board is responsible for:

• setting the school’s vision and aims ;
• establishing and maintaining the school’s ethos;
• employing staff;
• managing the school’s budget;
• setting the school’s plans and policies; and
• promoting self-evaluation with a view to sustaining school improvement.

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It is the part of the School Board to give key direction to the School and to adequately supervise and survey the School’s administration. Governance rehearses require the School to formalize and reveal the parts and duties of the School Board and its Members.

Great governance requires the School Board to:

  • adjust to the particular attributes of a scholarly situation and act in a way that represents and strengthens the establishment’s center esteems and ethos
  • supervise all parts of the School, including its control and responsibility frameworks and affirm the use and capital spending plans
  • delegate, survey and, now and again, evacuate the Principal and give continuous help and supervision
  • handle grievances concerning the Principal
  • create and keep up solid associations with key partners including powerful correspondence channels. Refer website to get more details.
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